Global Music Institute



Tarun Balani and Aditya Balani founded Global Music Institute (GMI) in 2011 with the mission of bringing a distinctive and modern approach to music education to India.

Through its comprehensive music curriculum that includes – the core aspects of music (music theory, harmony and ear training), ensemble lessons and workshops, instrumental lessons and performance as well as Indian classical and folk music; GMI incorporates modern classroom teaching techniques to give students an in-depth view of music subjects. It also offers music technology and business management, which GMI believes are essential for todays working musician.

Over its semesters, the Institute invites a diverse international faculty from various stylistic and cultural backgrounds to be able to provide students with opportunities to explore the diversity of expression that defines today’s music industry. The larger goal of GMI is to also foster a music community that brings together artists to work collaboratively and be able to fully express and realize their musical vision.

GMI is also the only official teacher of the Berklee College of Music, USA, Curriculum in India.

A global app10513309_906501459380841_5187020297592833290_nroach to music education

Global Music Institute (GMI) through its vision and mission, works to promote cross-cultural musical dialogue and exchange, especially between contemporary and more traditional and folkloric styles of music through its diverse local, national and international faculty.

We believe in the power of music to transcend linguistic, economic, cultural and intellectual barriers and envision a local-to-global music community in which all people, genres, cultures, instruments and sounds are in a state of dynamic collaboration and learning.

Music education at GMI is viewed as holistic learning experience that is important at every stage of a person’s life and development. We believe in developing all-rounded students with a deep awareness and understanding of musical diversity. The Institute also works to create a body of knowledge through evidence that is able to sensitively represent the many positive effects of musical education and learning as comprehensively as possible.